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U-K.ORG Domain Registration u-k.org domain

Terms And Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, you must accept these terms before you are able to register a domain.

Within this document the following terms shall apply and have the following meanings :-

Us Kencomp Internet LTD, a company Limited by share of Kerian House, 64 Stramongate, Kendal. Cumbria, LA9 4BD
You The person completing the application, or a body for whom who are authorised to act
Registrant The person or body for whom the application is made

Upon completion of the application form, a contract will have been formed between us, Kencomp Internet LTD, and you, the Registrant or your agent. By completing the form, you certify that you have a right to register that domain name and indemnify us against any action that may be brought by third parties for the registration of that name and agree to pay any reasonable costs and expenses incurred by us, or our employees and directors be they direct or indirect arising out of any dispute relating to the registration or use of the domain name.

Upon payment of the relevant fee, we will enter into our database the submitted information and maintain that database for the duration of the contract. Upon entry of the information we will issue a username and password for the purpose of providing access to the database to enable you to maintain the information as described below. We will make available for public use your name, Company name, Name server details, Registration Date, Expiry Date and Last amended date and you must agree to the publication of these details in order to register the domain. In addition, we will make available your address, email address, telephone number and Country of residence unless you specifically indicate that this information is NOT to be made available by selecting No in the "Allow display of  Personal Details" box on the application form. By accepting the name for registration, we do not acknowledge that you have any right to use the name, or authorise your use of it in any way.

You agree to keep all details in the database up to date, including name servers that you have permission to use, and must inform us immediately of any court proceedings threatened or brought relating to registration of the domain. You must not list or use nameservers for which you have no permission. You must reply promptly and honestly to any requests for information that we may make. You must ensure that your username and password remain secure, and to inform us immediately should you suspect that they have become known to a third party.

By entering into this agreement, you guarantee that you have permission of any person whose personal details are to be held, and that those details are correct. By registering the name, you guarantee that you have not infringed the intellectual property such as copyright, of any other person or body. You must have the legal right to register the domain name, and guarantee that it is compliant with any legal duties that you may have.

Should you transfer the domain to a third party, then you will still be liable for your guarantees and indemnities under this agreement for the entire duration of the domain registration.

The domain name that you register is not owned by you and may not be described as property. It is merely a listing in our database which will be maintained for the duration of the registration. Ownership and copyright of the database remains with us at all times.

We will not use any information that you provide for any purpose other than as described above, and you may at any time request us to disclose all information held about you. We will not release this information to any third party unless they have a legitimate reason to request it in accordance with the Data Protection Act, including Government or law enforcement agencies.

We may delete or suspend a registration if we receive proof that information you have provided is incorrect, or that the domain is used for immoral or illegal purposes or if its use may jeopardise or cause harm to the u-k.org domain. We may do so without notice and in such case all registration fees will be forfeit. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any costs or damages arising from such action.

If you are not an individual, then this contract shall cease upon you entering into liquidation, receivership, or otherwise ceasing to trade. We are under no obligation to transfer the name to any third party.

In order to combat abuse and large scale spamming, we will not accept registrations of domain names that directly or indirectly relate to the following market sectors :- 

Credit Cards
Adult material
Any material illegal under the laws of the United Kingdom

Any registrations found to be hosting web sites for these sectors or activities will immediately be taken down without notice or refund and we shall under no circumstances provide compensation for such course of action. Under these circumstances, you will immediately forfeit all rights implied or inferred for the domain name.

Should any part of this contract be ruled illegal or unfair, then it is severed from the contract and shall not affect any other term or condition contained within.

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